The Buzz

The Buzz at FCC - September 21, 2023

Worship starts at 10 am - In Person and on FaceBook Live!

Join us for a service filled with music and a new sermon series.

Rev. Heike’s third sermon in the new sermon series “Dinner with Jesus” will talk about “Table Manners and Table Matters.” In Luke 14, Jesus is invited again to dinner, this time by the leaders of the Pharisees. At the dinner, Jesus gives out some backhanded criticism about the guestlist which makes, we have to assume, no one happy. Once again Jesus challenges us to take a critical look at who is sitting at our tables.

Youtube Video from September 17th

Here is the YouTube file from last week’s worship service:

A Dish that Jesus Would Have Eaten

Along with our sermon series, we are taking a look at the dishes Jesus would have eaten. All the information comes from a great book “The Food and Feasts of Jesus: The Original Mediterranean Diet, with Menus and Recipes” by N.E. Douglas and J.A. Pugh. 

Let’s try Hummus this Sunday. Chickpeas are a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine.

You can cook your own chickpeas but canned chickpeas work perfectly for this recipe.

Place the garlic in a food processor and process until finely minced. Add the chickpeas and process. Then add the lemon juice, tahini, and salt and process. Gradually add water until you achieve the desired consistency (not soupy).

Serve on a platter or in a daily flat bowl. Traditionally olive oil is drizzled over the top when served. Chopped olives, chopped parsley, or olive tapenade also make a tasty garnish.

Served with bread, crackers, pita chips (in my house) or raw vegetables.

Office Hours:

Our office administrator Gail Kerzner is in the office Monday through Thursday from 10-3. You can reach Gail by phone at 781-784-2631 or email:

Volunteers Needed

Some of our parishioners are in need of a ride to and from church on Sunday mornings. The Deacons are compiling a list of people willing to provide that service. If you are willing to help occasionally, please contact Carolyn Appelman at 781-267-5782.

Historic Building Preservation Fund

THANK YOU to everyone who has prayerfully pledged to our Building Fund. The High Street side of the Church looks great! As you know, other projects planned are new siding for the rest of the Church, new gutters and a new roof.

GOOD NEWS! We are over the two thirds mark of our pledging goal. This September, our goal is to reach our goal of $300,000. PLEASE PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER PLEDGING THIS SEPTEMBER. Your pledge can be a one time gift or a gift divided over 3 years (weekly, monthly or yearly).

If you need a pledge card or have questions, contact Pat Simmons or Carolyn Appelman. Pat Simmons, Co Chair of Fund

Coffee Hour

A good cup of coffee and catching up with friends is a wonderful way to spend time after worship service. We would love for people to host coffee hour by calling Pat Simmons or signing up in person at coffee hour in Parish Hall.

Food Pantry

A big thank you to all of our friends and neighbors who are regular donors. Be it weekly or monthly, we count on and appreciate all of your donations and efforts! 

Needed this week: flour, cooking oil, coffee, shelf stable milk, juice, soup, beef stew, canned veggies, canned fruit and canned or dry beans. You can drop donations off during regular food pantry hours of Monday through Thursday from 10AM to 1PM.

We are still in need of a large cooler, made of plastic, that would fit on top of one of the kitchen carts. The styrofoam cooler we are currently using is not holding up. If you have a gently used cooler you could donate, we would be grateful. Thank you!!