The Buzz

The Buzz at FCC - September 28, 2023 

Worship starts at 10 am  -  In Person and on FaceBook Live!

Join us for a service filled with music, a new sermon series, and communion.  

Rev. Heike’s fourth sermon in the new sermon series “Dinner with Jesus” will talk about different reasons why we gather and celebrate.  Sometimes a meal is just a meal. Sometimes a meal turns out to be a test. And sometimes a meal is about love and forgiveness. 

The scripture reading for the sermon comes from Luke 15: 1-3, 11 -32, the parable of the Prodigal Son.  Well, it really is about the Forgiving Father who throws a big feast to welcome back his wayward son.

Youtube Video from September 24th

Here is the YouTube file from last week’s worship service:

“Get Real! Get Ready! Stewardship is coming!

October is just a few days away which means that we are getting ready for our 2024 Stewardship campaign called “Get Real, Get Ready!”

Why stewardship, you ask? It's because our church relies on your commitment.

We may be a house of worship, but we are also a business, and just like any business, we have responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to support our worship team, the dedicated individuals who enrich our spiritual lives every week.

Stewardship isn't just a buzzword; it's the lifeline of our community. It's your dedication that keeps our church thriving and ensures that we can continue to provide a place of worship, growth, and inspiration for all. So, let's get real about our commitment and get ready to support our worship team and the mission we hold dear.

Your Stewardship team Marcia Bridgeman, Mike Edson, and Rev. Heike Werder

Our Choir Is Trying Something New

So, you always wanted to sing in the choir but were not able to make the Tuesday Evening practice commitment.  

At our last rehearsal the member of the choir decided to give Sunday Choir Rehearsal a try.  

What would this look like? We meet at 9 am to get ready for worship at 10 am.  After church, we get coffee, a snack, and mingle, and then go back to the sanctuary to practice for the following Sunday, from 11:30 to 12:30. This eliminates a(nother) night out during the week and might open a door for those who would love to sing in our choir without adding another evening to their schedule. Why don’t you give it a try? All are welcome to sing!

A Dish that Jesus Would Have Eaten

Along with our sermon series, we are taking a look at the dishes Jesus would have eaten.  All the information comes from a great book “The Food and Feasts of Jesus: The Original Mediterranean Diet, with Menus and Recipes” by N.E. Douglas and J.A. Pugh.  

Let’s try something sweet: Poached Apricots and Yogurt

½ lb dried apricots, cut in half

2 cups of water

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

⅓ cup of honey

1 cinnamon stick

Place the apricots in a mixing bowl and cover them with the water. Soak overnight.

Place all ingredients into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then turn it down to simmer until the apricots are about to break down. You might have to watch and keep adding a little water from time to time.  This fruit sauce can be eaten with plain yogurt, cake, pancakes…anything you want.

Bazaar Planning Meeting

There will be a planning meeting for the 2023 Evergreen Bazaar (Saturday, Dec. 2) this coming Sunday, October 1, in the parlor following the worship service.  Suggestions and ideas are welcome.  Please join us!


Cathy Reed 781-258-6491

Office Hours: 

Our office administrator Gail Kerzner is in the office Monday through Thursday from 10-3.  You can reach Gail by phone at 781-784-2631 or email:

Volunteers Needed

Some of our parishioners are in need of a ride to and from church on Sunday mornings.  The Deacons are compiling a list of people willing to provide that service.  If you are willing to help occasionally, please contact Carolyn Appelman at 781-267-5782.

Send a card

Anne Mann is back at Willow Crossing and would appreciate cards.  

25 Cobb Street, Unit L217, Mansfield MA  02048

Coffee Hour

A good cup of coffee and catching up with friends is a wonderful way to spend time after worship service.  We would love for people to host coffee hour by calling Pat Simmons or signing up in person at coffee hour in Parish Hall.

Food Pantry

We are grateful to our many friends,  including those at Temple Kol Tikvah, who collected and dropped off a large donation of much needed food this week.

Currently, we are in need of: pasta, pasta sauce, flour, cooking oil, coffee, shelf stable milk, juice, soup, beef stew, canned veggies, canned fruit and canned or dry beans.   We also need clean and empty egg cartons.  You can drop donations off during  regular food pantry hours of Monday through Thursday from 10AM to 1PM.  

Thank you for your continued support!